White Paper

The @WomanKindCrypto $DeSo White Paper

By Katherine Ramdeen, katherine@metazoafilms.com

My name is Katherine Ramdeen and my goal is to make the world a better place to live in for women and non-human animals. I will achieve this through my enterprise Metazoa Films (@MetazoaFilms) and through my activism and influence on others as the public figure Kat Ramdeen, known as @katramdeen.

The account I co-founded, @WomanKindCrypto on BitClout, is aimed at helping women achieve financial freedom and independence by providing resources on the fundamentals of investing in cryptocurrency (not financial advice), and is another way in which I will achieve my goals. The vision for @WomanKindCrypto is to enable every woman who wants to learn how to invest.

My primary objective on BitClout is to grow the Metazoa Films and Kat Ramdeen brands, and in doing so, better my ability to produce quality content that promotes veganism and the championing of women through the content Metazoa Films will produce, and the women (and others) @WomanKindCrypto will help.

Gaining followers, investors, as well as profits from NFT sales, will be the mechanism that creates value. The accounts share of the profits will be used to promote and fund projects that should continue to add value for long-term investors. An example to create profit from $DESO gains: soliciting for Diamonds and using $DESO profits to purchase shirts, hats and keychains featuring brand logo and QR art that acts as a hyperlink to to project pages.

I will buy creator coins and support other creators on BitClout that are in alignment with the @katramdeen, @MetazoaFilms and @WomanKindCrypto values. When the referral program is live, all promotional content will include referral links to the brand pages.

Benefits of holding the @WomanKindCrypto coin: Every investment of $500USD or more will be mailed a complementary WKC t-shirt when they become available and a shout-out on the @WomanKindCrypto BitClout page, as well as being listed in the "WKC CHAMPIONS" Special Thanks section on www.womankindcrypto.com.

In conclusion, the enterprises @katramdeen, @MetazoaFilms and @WomanKindCrypto can be thought of as machines that build wealth and notoriety that power the projects and activism of the Metazoa Films, WomanKindCrypto and Kat Ramdeen brands.